Ubiquiti Unifi AC Mesh Dual Band Directional Anten


Ubiquiti Unifi AC Mesh Dual Band Directional Anten

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Ubiquiti’s UAP-ACM-DA, UniFi Antenna, model UMA-D, is an optional mesh antenna designed to work with the UniFi? AC Mesh AP, model UAP-AC-M. With dual-band support, the UMA-D expands range coverage and provides customized pattern shaping. The antenna is optimised for 802.11ac, the UMA-D offers a high efficiency directional radiation pattern with dual polarity. It’s weather-resistant enclosure is made of UV-stabilised plastic, thus making it ideal for indoors or outdoor use.



Manufacturer Product Code UMA-D
Manufacturer Ubiquiti
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Specifications Enclosure: Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic
RF Connections: (2) RP-SMA
Supported Frequency Range: 2.4 – 2.5 GHz, 5.1 – 5.9 GHz
HPOL Beam-width 2.4 GHz: 90?
HPOL Beam-width 5 GHz: 45?
VPOL Beam-width 2.4 GHz: 90?
VPOL Beam-width 5 GHz: 45?
Elevation Beam-width 2.4 GHz: 90?
Elevation Beam-width 5 GHz: 45?
Maximum VSWR: 2:1br> Polarization: Dual-Linear
Cross-Pol Isolation 2.4 GHz: 25 dB
Cross-Pol Isolation 5 GHz: 30 dB
Antenna Gain 2.4 GHz: 10 dBi
Antenna Gain 5 GHz: 15 dBi
Mounting: Wall/Pole (Kits Included)
Dimensions: 201.3 x 128.0 x 32.5 mm
Weight: (with Mount) 480 g
Weight: (without Mount) 400 g

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Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 0.2013 × 0.0325 × 0.128 cm


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