MikroTik WISP Level 4 License


Mikrotik WISP Level 4 License

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All MikroTik licences Level 4-6:

– Never expire (incl L3)
– Includes 15-30 days free support over e-mail: support@MikroTik.com
– Use unlimited number of interfaces
– Each licence is only for one installation


The keys that you purchase from Scoop are not in your account. Your MikroTik.com account only contains licences purchased from MikroTik directly. However, you can use the “Request key” link in your account to get the key into your account for reference, or for some upgrades (if available).


There are no licence level upgrades, if you wish to use a different licence Level, please purchase the appropriate level. Be very careful when purchasing for the first time, choose the correct option.


Level number 3 (WISP CPE) 4 (WISP) 5 (WISP) 6 (Controller)
Upgradable To (X=Current) ROS vX+1 ROS vX+1 ROS vX+2 ROS vX+2
Initial Config Support 15 days 30 days 30 days
Wireless AP yes yes yes
Wireless Client and Bridge yes yes yes yes
RIP, OSPF, BGP protocols yes yes yes yes
EoIP tunnels unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
PPPoE tunnels 200 200 500 unlimited
PPTP tunnels 200 200 500 unlimited
L2TP tunnels 200 200 unlimited unlimited
OVPN tunnels 200 200 unlimited unlimited
VLAN interfaces unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
HotSpot active users 1 200 500 unlimited
RADIUS client yes yes yes yes
Queues unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Web proxy yes yes yes yes
Number of KVM guests unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
User manager active sessions 10 20 50 Unlimited


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