NeoBroadband Fibre

NeoBroadband Fibre is an excellent value-based Internet access service that provides uncapped and unshapedDelivered over Liquid Telecom’s superior, robust connectivity with speeds of up to 1 000Mbps. Fibre infrastructure, NeoBroadband offers low-latency, symmetrical bandwidth along our next-generation network backbone. Liquid Telecom delivers its broadband as an end to end solution and therefore minimizing the number of providers you require to deal with.




Liquid Telecom will provide all new broadband fibre customers with router to access to the Liquid Telecom network. However over time bandwidth demand increase and the same router might become incapable of managing increased bandwidth with upgrades. Liquid Telecom will however provide a new router on extension of agreement or alternatively a levy fee of R750 to replace the existing router.

Our fibre network delivers superior speeds and low latencies, that remain unaffected by copper theft, which
all too frequently leaves businesses stranded without connectivity or the ability to trade, which severely
impacts your productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

This means that your upload and download speeds are equally fast! Most available broadband services are asymmetrical, which results in slower upload speeds. With our fibre solution, you can rest assured that important urgent documents will be delivered with great efficiency.




As with our other features, our 24/7 Phone Support is a major asset. No matter what you’re looking for, our salespeople will help you with all of your needs. And if there’s a product that you heard about that we don’t have in stock, we’ll order it for you directly to our store.

In lieu of an SLA, Liquid Telecom does not guarantee peak speeds on our NeoBroadband service but ensures that our ‘Best-effort’ service have high availability and the stability fibre has to offer.

We offer end-to-end customer support services, so you only deal with a single contact centre and service

NeoBroadband Fibre

  • 10Mbps – R1 600.00
  • 20Mbps – R3 050.00
  • 50Mbps – R4 900.00
  • 100Mbps – R7 900.00
  • 200Mbps – R13 000.00
  • 500Mbps – R17 000.00
  • 1000Mbps – R33 000.00

Once off installation cost : R1, 500.00
Subject to a minimum contract of 12 or 24 months depending feasibility.
Terms and Conditions Apply
Exclude VAT

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine what your business can do with uncapped and unshaped connectivity at speeds of up to 200Mbps. Now imagine that being delivered over a future-proof Fibre network.

NeoVoice delivers a tailored solution for all your local, national, international, and mobile calls. You get:

• Enterprise business voice quality
• Flexibility to upgrade and downgrade
• Competitive voice rates

R3 399 (incl VAT)
20Mbps NeoBroadband Fibre with FREE installation
12 SIP voice channels

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