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It’s been apparent to me for some time that I needed a user-friendly website that tells prospective customers exactly what we do.

It’s taken me eight years since I launched Neo Wave (Pty) Ltd. to gather the right team for the job to deliver on this long neglected aim.

People often ask me, what does Neo Wave do? In short, it is a technology solutions company. What does that mean? It means anything to do with tech is our business.

I started out in computers and as demand grew, so did the need for sophisticated systems and high-speed connectivity. It was a great opportunity for me to transform my business to meet the needs of my clients who saw the advantage of becoming global players.

I launched Neo Wave (Pty) Ltd in 2012 specifically to cater more extensively for my business-to-business clientele, a decision that has served us well.

One of our early diversifications was into the supply and installation of retail management systems and multi-branch warehousing with stock control, including point of sale solutions for the retail and restaurant industry. Where Covid-19 impacted on their industries, we adapted with our clients to their changing needs.

My clients welcomed technology, but many of them had a limited understanding of what tech could do for them. To deliver cutting edge solutions, I brought in experts in their fields and soon we became our customers’ go-to specialists for all things technical.

Along the way, we found we were being flooded with appeals for help from non-business clientele seeking tech assistance for everything from computers, to fibre, connectivity and security issues.

Reflecting the embrace of technology by individuals and small businesses throughout the world, South Africans have been quick to buy into the best tech solutions they can afford.

In 2020, Neo Wave has happily evolved into a one-stop shop for everything tech, from entry level to state-of-the-art installations. We provide efficient solutions for home or office, which might include CCTV and network infrastructure with complete connectivity installations or cloud-hosted business telephone systems, which ends their dependence on the old monopolies – and saves them money to boot.

Our commitment to good service makes everyone happy. We do whatever we can today (there is no “manana” mentality at Neo Wave) and our clients appreciate the integrity and dependability of our reputable, tech-savvy consultants in a market not always known for its trustworthiness.

The upshot of this growth, even in this time of Covid-19, is that I am still increasing our staff complement.

We realise there are still customers who are scared of the word technology. Neo Wave is here to make it plain sailing. We offer free advice on what fibre to invest in and will advise you which speed suits your needs. We also offer obligation-free advice on home security.

You will find information about all we can do for you on our brand new, user friendly website in early September.

We have made it our business to provide personalised service in all that we do. You’ll find us efficient, friendly and eager to please.

We look forward to meeting you.

Alwyn Neethling

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